Hardwood Floor Sanding & Refinishing

From Carolina Pro Flooring, Inc. - Preferred Flooring Contractor in Marvin, Weddington, Ballantyne & Charlotte, NC

From our very beginnings, bringing old wood floors back to life has been the backbone of our business. We specialize in sanding new unfinished floors as well as all of your old floors and restoring them to the shine they once had.

When a sanding process is required, most people fear the worst. Fortunately, our team will provide you with a great experience by sanding and finishing your floors using the most advanced machinery available, which includes a dustless system that transfers all the dust created by the machines into a vacuum sealed container.

Our team is instructed to prepare each project in the most effective and efficient way to provide a hassle-free environment during and even after the sanding process. We offer a large variety of different stain color samples that can be shown in hand before the project starting date so you can start picturing what you will choose. A much more effective way is by doing samples on existing floors during the sanding process so you can see the stain color with the contrast of your wall colors, cabinetry and lighting.

Once the stain color is chosen, we can offer a large variety of finishing products to your preference. Ranging from the top dollar, high quality products to the most friendly, low budget products that will offer a good quality for a lower price.


We can offer a wide range of high quality finishing products that fit your budget and your needs.